Thursday, May 26, 2005

Something Fishy

The Pisgah Center for Wildlife Education located just outside of Brevard North Carolina is a great place to learn about wildlife, forests and their interdependence on eachother. Centers like this serve to educate the genreal public and organized groups including school children.
Click on the picture below to view the video.

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Music by Swampman Jams under a Creative Commons License


Devin said...

Does being so cramped/so closed together bother the trout?

Have we had an introduction to 'Becky' yet?

Doug said...

I'm not sure of the effect and stress produced by the cramped conditions of the rearing methods.

Yes there has been an introduction to Becky here:

R said...

That is fishy! It's really sad how much damage the Bush administration can do in 4 years.

maximilian said...

Very good vlog Doug. You're doing a great service to the enviroment, you certainly have you work cut out with a Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

To catch these trout after they've been released
in the streams, be sure to tie a fly that imitates
either a kibble or a bit...I've heard the kibbles
work better.