Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Plan

I'm going on a trip to the mountains tomorrow. I'll be hiking deep into the Cohutta Wilderness in North Georgia. My dog Luke and I will be hoping for some sort of encounter with a Black Bear. What ever the result I'll bring back some video of the adventure. Tomorrow look for a special edition of The Southern Video Blog with the option to download higher resolution video from the trip.
Click on the picture below to view the video.

Quicktime Version


Anonymous said...

Doug.. We're looking forward to seeing today's bear hunting adventure.
The last time Patti and I encountered a bear while camping (in some western wilderness, back in the 70's), we decided no-more-bears! Black bears in the night trying to tear one's campsite apart, looking for something to munch on, (us perhaps)..is just way too spooky!
So good hunting to you and yer poochy. We'll be standing by. (Bill & Patti in Wash.DC)

Anonymous said...

can you bring a dish and upload daily posts?
oh, well.
enjoy the wildness, show us what you find

Jay Dedman said...

would be cool if you could upload from a phone.
you have natural way about you.
we're watching.

Anonymous said...

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