Thursday, May 19, 2005

LVM Announces their "Clip of the week" feature.

Lunch Video Magazine (LVM) is well known in the whitewater kayaking world for their outrageous and extreme whitewater kayaking trips. The boys at LVM are "Creekers" meaning they run steep creeks and wild rivers. It's common for these guys to run 40 and 50 foot waterfalls. I've seen clips of guys running waterfalls over 100 feet!
Creeking is the most dangerous type of kayaking. Every year there's always a list of kayakers that have lost their lives creeking. The places they go are usually remote and medical help is always hours away.
These guys kayak all over the world. They finance their trips and make their living by selling videos of their adventures. They have what may be the first "Video Magazine". You subscribe to the magazine and four times a year they send you their most recent DVD, professionally packaged. It's a cool idea. In addition the the video magazine they also have several individual kayaking movies on the market. Watching an LVM feature is an experience in itself. You won't believe the places these guys go and paddle.They have also picked up several corporate sponsers along the way.
L.V.M has just announced their RSS feed so people can subscribe to their new Clip of the Week feature. The link to their RSS feed is: Check it out!

They also have several blogs that are loaded with pictures and VIDEO! Check them out here!

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