Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going Green in 2008!

The Southern Video Blog is going green in 2008. I have several new videos planned for 2008 and beyond all with a green theme and directed toward the environment and global warming. I'll take a look at hybrid vehicles and alternative means of transportation. I'll visit an organic farm and see how buying local produce can help to reduce your carbon footprint. I'll search out people that have choosen green lifestyles and show you ways that you can live a more environmentally friendly life. Stay tuned to the Southern Video Blog and GO GREEN!

Photo: Toyota Prius in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Monday, January 14, 2008

Atlanta Pollution

Known as the connector in Atlanta. Interstates 75 and 85 run together through downtown Atlanta with as many as 16 lanes of traffic making it one of the widest motorways in the world. The traffic flow is never less than 250,000 vehicles per day and on heavy traffic days carries more that 320,000. Much of this excessive traffic is due to the lack of a substantial mass transit system. Atlanta does have MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) which includes buses and a rail system but it does not reach far enough into the suburbs to make it a reasonable alternative way to commute for most people. On more than 40 days between May and September in metro Atlanta, particularly during hot, dry summers, air pollution in the region may build to levels that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency deems unsafe for humans. One recent study predicted that 1 out of every 1500 cases of lung cancer in the area is due to these poor conditions . This photo was taken around 9pm one Friday evening.