Saturday, December 03, 2005

Straight Stick 101

This is my first post since August, I apologize to my loyal viewers but promise to resume posting on a more regular basis.
Everyone that has driven a manual transmission car or truck remembers their first day. Here is my nephew and I as I attempt to teach him the skills he needs to be a Master of the Straight Stick.
Click on the picture below to view the video.

Quicktime Version

Music by 4 Bolt Main under a Creative Commons License


Ms LeJean said...

Great video!.... From one Georgia neighbor to another, I'm glad to see you back.

Levois said...

Great to see you back with regularly scheduled programming.

Jay Dedman said...

breaks are sometimes necessary. just keep it simple. i alwasy enjoying seeing your point of view.

bill (in washington, dc) said...

hahaaa.. (and welcome back, doug) So.. how about another driver training video of your nephew parallel parking between two cars parked on a steep hill.. and then pulling out again..?..

orange jade said...

Glad to see you back on the scene Doug. Good driving Austin, could you see the road thru your hair?


Dooser said...

Hehe. Yay!

Learning first on a truck must be hard. I love driving a stick Saab. Oh baby.

shawnkline9017 said...

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Scott Walker said...

Hi ya stranger! SO good to see you back.

Yeah, I agree with Bill, let's see you teach him parallel parking. Woohoo! That would be GREAT!

(Great idea Bill!)

annie! said...

yay for come backs. :) i want to learn to drive stick so badly, man. haha. cool vid.

johneyericks14736450 said...

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Vlog Ranking said...

Great Vlog!

Dooser said...

I miss your videos.

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Anonymous said...

You look more like his grandfather.

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That first time is always difficult, getting the clutch control and gas right, then trying to figure out the sequence, it is so natural now that you forget until you see it again just how difficult it seemed at the time.

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