Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Caribbean Reds (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Caribbean Reds series. The first vlog was back in April of me planting the seedlings in soil packs. Now we are transfering the plants into planters in my yard. When done I'll have some of the hottest peppers available anywhere.
Click on the picture below to view the video.

Quicktime Version

Music by Swampman Jams under a Creative Commons License


Scott W. said...

Ahhhh! Nothing like a good rain after planting.

This story reminds me of a funny story many years ago:

I was eating at a chinese restaurant and enjoying some Mongolian Beef when unexpectedly, I bit into one of those *%(@ HOT peppers! I mean, one of those small, red, dried-up looking peppers. IT SET MY MOUTH ON FIRE! I kept drinking water until I was so full, I couldn't eat my dinner. I looked at my ex (then girlfriend - yeah, thought I was straight then - lol) and said, "Jesus! That'll turn your butthole inside out!" The man in the booth behind me busted out laughing.

Needless to say, I haven't bit into one of those mother's since!

duncan speakman said...

good to see the peppers coming along.. (the original post was one of the first video blogs i ever watched!!).. although i'm starting to become slightly scared about how hot they will actually be!!

Anonymous said...

I like your choice of music and your peppers look great! I'm enjoying your vlog. When I was growing up we had a lot of peppers - but no hot peppers. I'm missing my garden these days - appreciate all the green space you've got. Here in nyc it is hard to find.
Best of luck this growing season and keep on keeping on.

Jay Dedman said...

so how do you eat them?
can you eat them raw?
i want some peppers so i can show ryanne what hot food is all about.

R said...

Aw yeah! I love hot peppers - I can't wait to see them in August. What is your favorite recipe? I use them for salsa, dry them for recipes like chili, smoky bean dip or pasta arabiata.

Anonymous said...


Thomas said...

yeah im trying to grow some reds for the first time ive grew habanarows and jalapenos (sorry for the spelling i wasent in to school that much) i was wondering if its the same basic concept the less water and more heat the plants get the hotter the peppers are or if these need lots of water because they are tropical or what i also dont know what these plants are suppost to look like when they first come up ive planted 6 plants in a planter box i used regular top soil and rabbit manuer as fertilizer well using the top soil like i did also brought in weeds and what not i planted 3 in streight potting soil now the problem that im having is that 2 things have came up in the top soil (the top soils from my yard) im not quit sure what they are lots and lots of weeds came up in there to but these look nothing like enything else thats came up in there but i also dont know if they are pepper plants could you possibly send me a close up of some baby plants so that i can compair theme to my unkowns and confirm the pepper plants or the worthless weeds ive been taking care of for the last month

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