Friday, January 14, 2005

Quick intro blog

I'm doug and I'm opening this blog page to try to communicate with the rest of the world. Click on the picture to see my first video blog. I'll try and have at least one blog a week up.


Unknown said...

Just stumbled on your site. really impressive with the video. don't really know much about all that, but am curios...keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug I watched this introduction video and one of my favorite parts is where you mention you wish you didn't say "uh" so much.

My take on that would be to do a video down the road composed of all your "uh's" from previous videos put to music or something.


Jay Dedman said...

Hey Doug--
thanks for the comment on my "stupid tress" video.
i am now safely in the city.
You need to join our videoblogigng group:

we're even having a confernce next weekend:


Anonymous said...

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