Monday, April 04, 2005

Land of the Noon Day Sun

My seventh vlog for Video Blogging Week 2005 (Late Entry).
Nantahala is a Cherokee word that means "Land of the noon day sun". When we got to the river Saturday it was anything but sunny. The weather had deteroiated to a wet snowy mess but we ended up kayaking down the river anyway. We were so cold by the time we got off the river all we could think of was a hot shower and food. This final vlog for Video Blogging Week 2005 didn't turn out as I had planned. My original intentions was to blog from on the river along the way. With it raining and our goal for the day was to just get down the river without freezing, I didn't even bring the camcorder. I did bring my digital still camera along and shot a few pics as we went down the river. I've added additional shots from our trip home which includes my nephew Austin "Snowyaking" in the N.C. mountains and some video from a beautiful waterfall in Tennessee called Bald River Falls. Hope you enjoy!!

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beautiful scenery!